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Workforce Services


Connections to top talent how you need IT

Contract Labor


Whether you experience seasonal spikes in workload, need coverage for short term vacation, or have complex projects to complete, Renusa’s Contingent Labor services are the ideal solution.  Our diverse network of experienced professionals are available to expertly handle your specific assignments; when and where you need them.  The flexibility of our temporary staffing program enables you to control costs while satisfying the demands of your workload.   Other benefits include:

  • Obtaining highly qualified professionals available on demand

  • Obtaining talented, pre-screened Interns & College Graduates

  • Supporting upcoming projects or demands

  • Eliminating the burden of additional salary, benefit and administrative expenses

  • Project delivery using a Managed Team



Renusa's contract-to-hire service combines the speed and flexibility of a temporary assignment with the power of a direct hire placement.  With this program you can thoroughly evaluate the candidate’s skills and abilities on a trial basis prior to making a permanent hiring decision.  Our contract-to-hire service offers maximum benefits to both the client and candidate including:

  • Evaluating the candidate in the actual work environment

  • An easy transition into a permanent position with no loss of productivity

  • Saving valuable time and money as additional screening, interviewing and training are eliminated

Direct Hire


Having the right people in the right places within your organization is critical meeting your daily demands.  With Renusa’s Direct Hire program, you’ll get connected with top professionals that have the exact skills you are looking for.  Our experienced recruiters will deliver candidates that are the right fit within your unique business environment.  Our Direct Hire program will streamline your recruiting efforts and will help you:

  • Access talented individuals currently employed by the competition or before your competition acquires them

  • Save time by reviewing candidates who are already screened, tested, and referenced checked

  • Reduce costly turnover expenses by hiring the right people the first time

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