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College Talent Management Consulting and Solutions

Build an effective pipeline of talent to address your company’s core Talent Management Competency.  The best-managed companies with visionary leaders are tapping into the opportunity to capture the best talent from Universities.  Building your pipeline and attracting, hiring, and retaining recent graduates bring many benefits.  These benefits include being prepared for the looming baby boomers retirement and drain of management and knowledge, lower salary costs, employees comfortable with technology, multitaskers, employees excited about change and are not afraid to ask “why”, and so much more.

Renusa is able to develop a strategy and plan to attract, recruit, hire and help your retain the best talent for your organization.  Additionally, we support the consulting and support on how to improve your overall Talent Management Return on Investment (ROI). Renusa also offers options on executing the defined plan and will bring screened and qualified candidates to you. 

The success of a company depends on its people, and building your talent management pipeline is essential. 

If you are looking for a competitive advantage, College Recruitment is a critical piece of your strategy.  Building a scalable pipeline of talent is vital in gaining the right talent for the right role. Organizations have the ability to quickly find talent at primarily two points in the year. This can be scaled up or down based on your organization needs and overall strategy. College recruiting is also often used as a testing ground to find new employees, assess them, and quickly gauge and judge their future potential. Future high-performers are located quickly and hopefully retained through to management. 

Finally, Internship opportunities should be part of your solution. Studies have shown that employees who originally came into the company as interns feel a sense of belonging and are retained at higher rates than employees who did not start as interns. This is particularly true of employees from underrepresented minority groups, which can be the most difficult and expensive group of candidates to recruit. A strategic campus recruiting program that includes a robust internship program enables a firm to gain access to top diverse talent in a cost effective way. 

  • College Talent Management Consulting and solutions

  • Strategy & Plan Analysis and Development

  • Strategy and Plan Management and Execution (sole or partnered)

    • Establish College Relationships

    • Represent & Market your company on campus

  • Retention consulting and solutions

  • Training program establishment & solutions

  • Internship planning

Our capabilities include:

Why Hire College Graduates? – A few opportunities your organization can realize;

  • Lower salary costs

  • Opportunities to focus on Veteran and Diversity needs

  • Continuous learners

  • Familiar with technology

  • Experienced with the Internet and social media

  • Innovative spirit

  • Comfortable with change and agility

  • Team players

  • Skilled communicators

  • Ask “why”

  • New ideas

  • Fresh ideas and ability to learn new ideas quickly

  • Multitasking ability

  • Energy and enthusiasm

  • Willing to take on high-risk assignments

  • Understand data and metrics

  • Willingness to learn and do “grunt” work

  • Willingness and ability to travel

  • Diverse ideas

  • Easier to manage

  • An opportunity for a tryout (*Internships)

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