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What We Do


Renusa utilizes flexible delivery options to build services and solutions tailored directly to our clients' needs.


Workforce Services


Renusa delivers innovative workforce solutions which are flexible enough to meet the ever-changing resource needs of our clients utilizing:


  • Contract Labor

  • Contract-to-Hire

  • Direct Hire

Renusa can deliver the resources you need, when you need them, and how you want them.


Our business model prioritizes exceptional customer services through a deep understanding of our clients' technical and professional needs as well as cultural factors that make an individual excel in that client environment.


Workforce Solutions


Renusa enables client’s competitive advantage with a wide range of customized application development services. Supported by world-class infrastructure, experience, processes and methodology, our global team of engineers design and develop applications that are quick to deploy and easy to maintain.  


Renusa builds applications for success and to allow for scalability and future growth, while focusing to business demands in an agile and efficient manner.

Workforce Consulting


The success of a company depends on its people.  Business is always changing which demands constant workforce assessment and planning. Having an efficient workforce plan ensures that the resources required will not only available, but can be leveraged through different strategies to maximize workload while managing overall cost.  Renusa's Workforce Strategies Consulting drills deep into projected requirements and potential talent resources and strategies to ensure you’re meeting the demands of the business in an efficient and cost effective manner.  


A detailed analysis of your organization's operations is used to provide constructive solutions to your current and future workforce requirements.  A reliable workforce strategy will then ensure a smooth path through your ever-changing demands.

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