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Workforce Consulting


Renusa's Workforce Strategies Consulting services include:


  • Workforce planning to include identification of standard Job Descriptions as well as identification of functions and roles critical to your organization's success

  • Workforce evaluation to identify internal trends, business risks, and creating plans to propel your organization forward

  • Sourcing Strategies evaluation to enable organizations to leverage flexible and cost-effective workforce solutions

  • College Talent Management Consulting and Solutions including Strategy & Plan Analysis, Development, Management and Execution

  • Identification of skills and responsibilities required to achieve strategic objectives and business needs, so you can develop and invest your resources in positions that have the highest value and return

  • Data evaluation on trends, people, skills, certifications, talent, geography, and workplace to build a strategy that is both executable and sustainable based on current market conditions

  • Alignment of your organization's Business Strategies with talent needs to enable data and fact-based projections

  • Determination of  talent needs that enables you to identify and manage risks, realize economies of scale, and weigh the cost of developing talent internally versus buying external talent


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